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Bringing unique and refreshing Japanese bridal aesthetics, Hanah opens a concept store in Central Hong Kong, which has an authentic Japanese style, whilst maintaining its original fresh elegance. The angles in the interior design, the wooden floors, and the matte grey walls all exude a quintessential Japanese gracefulness and youthfulness. Other elements including the Japanese antique shelves and dried flower arrangements also evoke vintage aesthetics.

The brands introduced by Hanah consist of a wide range of styles, bringing the brides of Hong Kong more choices.

Exclusively enlisted Japanese designer brands include nae.ATELIER, Preparage, Yukinori Morinaga, Seul Dress, The Dress Room and Mutin Dress. There is also MS IDEAS from Taiwan. In this bright and sunny season, these dresses will infuse weddings with the aroma of romance and a touch of gracefulness.


The style  is relatively more simplistic and chic in comparison to the others. Using high quality gauze, lace, and heavy pound silk, the creations are uniquely charming and touch the heart of many wearers. All designs are characterised by intricate layers and careful cutting to enhance and lengthen Asian women’s figure.

Although fairly new, it is very much sought after for its craftsmanship and emphasis on details. Its designs utilize handmade lace from Japan and France, embroidery, ornaments, and sequin on top of premium fabric. 

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