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Ayumi Uehigashi, the designer of “Seul Dress”, always radiates gentleness from the bottom of her heart. It is an irresistible attraction. Her elegant and graceful gesture, softly hiding her shy smiling face with hands, sweet whisper, long and silky fringe, make all women think: can I be such feminine?


The interior design of “Seul Dress” in Tokyo is clean and fashionable. Hanging dried flowers upside down and Japanese wooden floor, show a style of refreshing elegance. All decoration is arranged by her good friend Shingo.


Ayumi who radiates gentleness from the inside out, used to work as a model. After that, she becomes a wedding dress designer and establishes “Seul Dress”. She hopes to bring all ladies caring designs, let them show their best gesture on their wedding day, find out their feminine soul.


Perhaps Ayumi give you a soft and delicate impression. However, her attitude towards her bridal design is firm and persistent. She used cloth in excellent quality, like laces, yarn and silk for her unique, fashionable and feminine design. Her work touches every woman who is wearing it.

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