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Japanese handcrafted wedding bands designer brand, KARAFURU, the designer, Mrs Yuki Kuroda, with a lifelong passion for Japanese traditional art and craft. Even when she has been to Europe for staying at work, she never forgets the Japanese culture.  After going back to Japan, she decided to develop a brand which is designed for Japanese handcrafted wedding bands, in order to let more people to feel the texture of the handcrafted unique design. For the price range of each wedding bands, starting from HK$4,280-HK$28,000 or more, depending on the width, materials and style of the wedding bands' design. They are all made in Japan and handcrafted wedding bands. 18K Gold, 18K Rose Gold and Platinum(PT950) are the main materials. One of the most popular collection, [GENGETSU] , which are the combination of 18K Gold/18K Rose Gold and Platinum(PT950) , being each other's half as a life's soulmate. 

Hanah Bridal is the exclusive agent for KARAFURU in Hong Kong.

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