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MS IDEAS is an haute couture design house in Taipei, which masters in the art of creating elegant dresses and luxury evening gowns. The brand creates lavish dresses with delicate hand sewn lace applique, embroidered silk organza, and intricate beaded detail. Every gown is custom made in our studio with a long and rigorous process, and designed uniquely for the clients with exquisite taste, our goal is to provide premium quality dresses for your special occasions and to make you feel truly unique.


Originally trained as a professional makeup stylist, Beverly has worked with great amount of celebrities in the past 20 years. Having unique insight for fashion and trends, her works published in various major fashion magazines like Vogue, ELLE, and Marie Claire. Beverly met Summer in 2012, when Summer, who has real talents for designer and photography, just began her career as a freelance designer. They met each other on a friends wedding in Bali and found they share the same passion for vintage dresses and both have an eye for particular kind of beauty. Two years after, they launched their own fashion business “MS IDEAS” with tailor-made couture and bridal collection. With their impeccable taste, MS IDEAS soon became a red carpet favourite for many celebrities, such as Rainie Yeung, Ariel Lin, Gigi Leung, Hannah Quinlivan, Kiki Ting, Lin-Chi Ling and Pink Yang etc, recognized for its elegant details. 

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