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Getting through the curtain in white yarn, slightly warm sunlight shines on the vintage wooden table. It is so relaxing for people to have a nap right now. Then Miss Eri Sakaguchi the designer tenderly serves you a cup of mint lemonade. The taste is pure and delighting, makes you feel peaceful and refreshed.


The interior design of the shop in Tokyo is in warm home style. As a very tasteful lady, she decorates her shop with Japanese wooden floor, sophisticated vintage ornaments, and creates a clean, comfortable environment. She has put a soft bed covered with mattress in linen and laces in her shop, so that she can take a rest when she has worked too tired.


Worked as a designer of international brand before, Miss Eri Sakaguchi is enthusiastic with fashion design. She makes her creative pieces wholeheartedly for the fashion industry. Then, she establishes her own wedding dress design brand “Preparage”.


She thinks wedding day is full of the deepest love, a day with much more love, encouragement and joy. The new couple are ready for their new journey in their life. Therefore, Miss Eri Sakaguchi hopes her design can bring the bride more happiness and smiles.


“Preparage” makes unique vintage-style wedding dresses. Good-quality laces, soft yarn and classy silk perfectly match with feminine cutting. It shows natural and refined elegance. You can admire her design not only for her creativity, also her tenderness.

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