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The mastermind behind “nae. ATELIER” Tokyo bridal designer label is Sanae Yokohata, she just like an angel who brings the best wishes and luck to all blessed lovers, who are going to get married, with her simple and elegant bridal design. In her fantastic dream, the gesture of different goddesses as graceful as swans, and she imagines all about the glamorous and feminine designs for each of them. Moreover, she names for each of different goddesses as her beautiful masterpieces, such as Sasha, Inez and Anne.


In 2011, Sanae decided to create her brand and collections for stylish and elegant women at a time, when no one else offered an alternative between elegant design with qualitative materials and affordable price.  An understated use of luxury fabric, silk and lace from Japan, its spirit is a resolutely feminine silhouette, both simple and elegant. The attention to details, as well as a taste for fabric mixtures is reaffirmed each season.

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