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Japanese wedding bands designer brands, KARAFURU and Lovignette,which are Hanah Bridal 's exclusive agent in Hong Kong. For the price range of each wedding bands, starting from HK$4,280-HK$28,000 or more, depending on the width, materials and style of the wedding bands' design. They are all made in Japan and handcrafted wedding bands. 18K Gold, 18K Rose Gold and Platinum(PT950) are the main materials. 2 to 3 months are required for the production. 

Besides the marriage wedding bands, the brands also launch the high quality of diamond ring's collection. The price range would be starting from HK$20,800-HK$48,500 (Weight: 0.2ct-0.5ct). The diamond would be chosen from the designer for the customers, the colour grade would be D/E/F, the diamond clarity would be VS1/VS2/VVS2. GIA certificate could be requested from Japan.

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